2nd Call for Interest for Interactive Zone is now open

The Interactive Zone is one of the highlights for the upcoming TRA2018 in Vienna. It is a dedicated area for research showcases, technical demonstrations, promising Start-Ups and networking. The Interactive Zone offers a great chance at TRA2018 to interactively present state of the art research and technologies to the participants and the media. It will also demonstrate lively that research is proof and to ensure to a wide audience that research matters. The 2nd Call for Interest for Interactive Zone is open now till 15 September 2017.


Overview of the Interactive Zone
Overview of the Interactive Zone


The Demonstration & Showcases Zone represents the heart of the Interactive Zone. Contributions for the Demonstration & Showcases Zone are gathered via two Calls for Interest. The first Call closed in April 2017 and several promising interactive showcases have been received already. All contributions are integrated into thematic clusters, the following topics have emerged (covering all modes and mobility of people and goods):

  • Decarbonisation
  • Traffic Management
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Automated & Connected Transport
  • Multimodal Mobility
  • Economic impacts & assessments
  • Maintenance & Asset Management
  • Testing & Simulation
  • Human Factors & user interaction
  • Smart materials & sensors
  • Planning
  • Safety & Security

The thematic clusters will be colour coded for orientation and there will be a central entrance with introduction to the topics. Details for all the contributions in the Interactive Zone but also for any other interactive elements (e.g. at Exhibition booths) will be presented in the Interactive Zone Guide – a Programme especially for all interactive elements at TRA2018, that will be part of the conference bag.

Go and submit your ideas for showcases here!


We will contact you and support you in setting up your showcase. For more details to become a partner in the Interactive Zone, check out the Interactive Zone at the TRA Website and the Interactive Zone Booklet!


Last updated : 19/09/2017