Alpbach Mobility Breakfast TRA2018 Challenge


Which edition of the Transport Research Arena TRA will be held in Vienna in April 2018?

The seventh edition


What is the motto of the TRA in Vienna?

 A digital era for transport, solutions for society, economy and environment


European manufacturers of transport equipment and companies developing mobility solutions are among the leaders worldwide. Together with the service sector, they are the most important employers in the EU. How many people were employed in this sector in 2014?

14 million


What was share of EU gross value did this sector add in 2014?



The mobility system faces numerous challenges: New technologies such as automated driving have the potential to reduce the number of traffic deaths, among other things. How many people lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2016 and how many were injured?

25,000 dead
135,000 injured


Last updated : 14/09/2017