ASFINAG as a strategic partner of TRA 2018

We are glad to present ASFINAG as a strategic partner of the upcoming Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2018. ASFINAG is the reliable partner on Austria’s motor- and expressways. Its responsibilities are to plan, finance, build, maintain, operate and collect toll for 2,200 km of roads. The core fields of ASFINAG include traffic management, road safety, full customer services and traffic information. ASFINAG, owned by the Republic of Austria, works exclusively with the income from the lorry toll, the toll sticker and the route toll. In line with the motto “if you rest, you rust” ASFINAG steadily works on improving its service to achieve its goals: a healthy economic foundation, happy customers, a high level of productivity and motivated staff.

We talked to Dr Klaus Schierhackl, general manager of ASFINAG, about the TRA 2018:


Why does ASFINAG support the TRA 2018?

The TRA is an opportunity for ASFINAG to discuss trends and new developments in the transport ecosystem in order to shape a common vision on the mobility system of the future. The conference offers a great platform to learn from each other and share ideas with people from all over the world.


What does A Digital Era for Transport mean to you?

These days digitalisation is part of almost every inch of our lives. Highway operation therefore is no exception. Connected and automated driving, mobility as a service, big data analysis and so on influence our core business and even our beloved toll sticker is going digital. But whatever the future holds, we are ready to contribute to the next generation transport system based on a healthy economic foundation, a high level of productivity and happy customers!


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Last updated : 23/11/2017