With “On Track” we want to present you another thematic field in the TRA Interactive Zone!

Rail transport is an attractive and reliable transport mode and represents an integrated part of the overall multimodal mobility system on an international level. In order to ensure the competitiveness of the rail sector in an efficient, safe and eco-friendly transport system, innovation and agility are increasingly important aspects for both passengers and freight railway […]

Infrastructure & Asset Management will be another exciting thematic field represented in the Interactive Zone!

Transport Infrastructure needs to be flexible in use and easy adaptable in order to manage the rising demand on existing transport and to guarantee constant functioning of transport services. It is the foundation of any traffic system and a fundamental enabler for new sustainable mobility services. © Montanuniversität Leoben   Showcases forming this thematic area […]

The Interactive Zone of the TRA 2018 is starting to take shape!

The Interactive Zone was created as a complement to the classic exhibition and the scientific conference at the TRA 2018, where research results and initiatives are supposed to be also experienced first-hand. Aim of the Interactive Zone is especially the presentation and experiencing of European research excellence and technology competence for visitors and specialist media. […]