Be part of the TRA 2018 smartphone-based transport survey!

With the digitisation of transport-related services and political attention focusing on certain modes of travel and travel practices (car-pooling, multi-modality, public bike systems, etc.), transport surveys are expected to quickly produce information on the practices and profiles of these users.

SMART SURVEY is an out-of-the-box solution for conducting detailed transport surveys with smartphones.


Automatic trip data collection

The SMART SURVEY mobile app automatically captures intermodal trips via smartphones without user interaction and stores trip data and transport modes in a digital travel diary. Data protection is guaranteed by anonymous registration of respondents. Personal data of respondents remain strictly separated from trip data.


Interactive Visualisation

The SMART SURVEY web interface allows survey respondents to view their trips on a map and validate their trips in their digital travel diary. Survey organisers can monitor survey progress in terms of respondent activity. Both respondents and survey organisers can view aggregate trip statistics such as modal split, CO2 footprint and spatial trip distributions.


TRA2018 showcase transport survey

We invite you to download and test the SMART SURVEY app and to participate in the TRA2018 showcase transport survey. During the conference, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology will demonstrate their SMART SURVEY concept and show interactive features based on aggregated real-world data gained from your participation.

Find out more on how to test SMART SURVEY here:



Last updated : 06/04/2018