The success of electric vehicles in the mass market depends on the development of high-energy batteries at a competitive price. The research efforts of the past decade have continuously improved the energy densities of batteries, yet electric vehicles have only gradually made their way into the market. A combined surge in both consumer demand and industrial “push” is now on the verge of prompting a significant market uptake.

The objective of eCAIMAN is to bring European expertise together to develop an automotive Li-Ion battery cell that can be produced in Europe. The consortium consists of several highly experienced industrial partners and research organizations. Together we will develop a more powerful battery by modifying and improving individual components and technologies to result in a significant overall improvement of the cell. Key innovations include a 5V high-voltage spinel, a high-capacity composite anode, and a stable high-voltage electrolyte. Their cumulative effect should improve total cell capacity by at least 20%. The project will also investigate the integration in light, passenger, and heavy duty vehicles.

Last updated : 21/02/2018