European Inland Barging Innovation Platform

EIBIP is a European platform of regional innovation facilitation centres, established to promote the uptake of innovation of the Inland Waterway Transport sector. The international network consists of four Innovation Centres covering Germany (D-ZIB), France (BATELIA), the Danube region (INDanube) and Poland (CINTRE). The daily Secretariat is run by the Expertise- en Innovation Centre Barging (EICB) based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The EIBIP organisation contributes to the inland waterway sector in its further development towards its fullest potential by facilitating innovative actions that lead to more sustainable and efficient operations. At the TRA, EIBIP will amongst other things showcase project results from innovative projects such as LNG Breakthrough and NOVIMAR, which aims to develop the concept of the Vessel Train.

Innovative developments are collected and published in the EIBIP Innovation Radar. The tool maps innovations from shipyards, engine producers and other equipment providers. EIBIP is also hosting a Funding Database, which gives a complete overview of available funding for modernisation.

EIBIP Innovation Radar and Funding Database can be found online.

Last updated : 05/04/2018