IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center is a strategic large research infrastructure in the Czech Republic. In the framework of the national supercomputing centre, the most powerful supercomputing facilities in the Czech Republic are operated and excellent research in High Performance Computing and High Performance Data Analytics is conducted. The mission of the centre is to deliver scientifically excellent and industry relevant research. It aspires to improve the quality of life, to increase the competitiveness of the industrial sector and to promote the cross-fertilization of high-performance computing and other scientific and technical disciplines. The centre conducts research in the areas of advanced data analysis and simulations (particularly earth science simulations for disaster management, traffic management, and bioinformatics), parallel algorithms development (particularly numerical modelling for engineering, physics and chemistry), modelling for nanotechnologies, big data, and HPC infrastructure.

IT4Innovations currently operates two supercomputers. Anselm was installed in the summer of 2013 and its theoretical peak performance is 94 teraflops. Salomon, with 24,192 CPU cores and 52,704 MIC accelerators, was installed in the summer of 2015, and its theoretical peak performance is 2 petaflops. The computational resources of IT4Innovations are mostly dedicated to solving tasks from research and development conducted by academic and research institutions. Part of the capacity is also devoted to the development of cooperation between academia and industry, and to independent use by industrial enterprises. The centre also provides regular training for the HPC community and offers PhD studies in the field of HPC. The centre represents the Czech Republic in pan-European e-infrastructure PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) and is the only member of ETP4HPC (European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing) from the Czech Republic.

Last updated : 26/03/2018