TRA2020 – Enabling the transformation

Transport Research Arena 2020 conference will be held in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The TRA2020 stand gives you a first glance into the 2020 conference. The conference theme is  “Enabling the transformation – transport and Mobility (r)evolution for smart, green and integrated society”. The rapid evolution – or even revolution – of transport technologies reshapes the transport system as well as the society itself. Increasingly the attention is focused on customer-oriented transport and mobility services which pave the way for more integrated, smart and green society via all modes. New techniques and smart solutions open up opportunities for infrastructure management, operations and maintenance. The focus in 2020 will be not only on the change but also on how to make that change possible, to support and enable it.

In the TRA2020 stand you have an opportunity to meet some key-players of the Finnish transport system from all modes and mobility:

  • Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland
  • Finnish Transport Agency
  • Finnish Transport Safety Agency
  • VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
  • Universities
  • The City of Helsinki
  • The Helsinki regional Transport
  • The Helsinki metropolitan area representatives

Come and learn, why TRA2020 will be the transport showcase of the year!

Last updated : 26/02/2018