Wiener Linien

Wiener Linien operates Vienna’s entire local public transport network, thereby contributing to the city’s excellent quality of life. The focus here is on striking a sustainable balance between social responsibility, commercial success and environmental interests. The local public transport network includes 161 underground, tram and bus lines. The underground network extends to 83 kilometers, the tram network comprises around 220 kilometers, which makes it the sixth-largest in the world, and the bus lines travel a network of 850 kilometers. 39% of journeys made by Vienna’s population involve using public transport. And this number is rising. Some 8,700 Wiener Linien employees work 24/7 year round to provide reliable and timely transportation for our passengers. In order for the public transport network to keep pace with Vienna’s growing population, Wiener Linien regularly invests a considerable amount of time and money in modernising and expanding the network, as well as continuously updating the technology and vehicles used.

Last updated : 21/02/2018