We are happy to present the next thematic field in the Interactive Zone!

Traffic Management and Digital Infrastructure is one of the six thematic fields in the Interactive Zone in the TRA 2018 exhibition area. Traffic Management not only supports the linkage of different services, but also leads to the quality enhancement of individual services. A crucial task is the integration of new services in the traffic system, to use their advantages to manage mobility in an easier, safer and more sustainable way.

Highway sureveillance system | © ASFiNAG


Showcases forming this thematic area Traffic Management & Digital Infrastructure:


  • “C-ROADS” gives you the ability to take the driver’s perspective or hover above for watching data and information flow and get a glimpse of what will be deployed by 2019.
  • “CODECS” is a European project supporting the deployment of cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems and Services, specifically systems for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.
  • “Find Your Gap” provides an easy way to improve parking space management using intelligent, real-time information.
  • “ASFiNAG – Digital Infrastructure of Motorways” presents a variety of sensors which serve to detect traffic and its surroundings in the best way possible.


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Last updated : 21/03/2018