The Interactive Zone of the TRA 2018 is starting to take shape!

The Interactive Zone was created as a complement to the classic exhibition and the scientific conference at the TRA 2018, where research results and initiatives are supposed to be also experienced first-hand.

Aim of the Interactive Zone is especially the presentation and experiencing of European research excellence and technology competence for visitors and specialist media. Companies and organisations were asked through a call to hand in their demonstrations and showcases.

More and more initiatives are confirming their participation and find their place in the thematic areas Automated & Connected Transport, Aviation, Infrastructure & Asset Management, On Track, Multimodal Mobility & Services and Traffic Management & Digital Infrastructure.

In order for you to get a more concrete idea, we present you a first teaser of what to expect in the Interactive Zone:


Do you want a seamless multimodal experience? No barriers to get from A to B? Mobility not as a problem-but a solution?

Then come on a journey with us through the thematic area of Multimodal Mobility &Services. From virtual reality, games, planning tools and mobile apps to autonomous assistants, we will show you possibilities to solve last mile problems, upgrade mobility planning, gain physical health and to ensure mobility options for everyone.

The Jakominiplatz – An Intermodal Mobility Hub in Graz (Austria) | © Mobility Lab “Graz grenzenlos”


Showcases forming this thematic area are:


  • “Urban Mobility Labs” with focus on Virtual Reality, Last Mile, an Empathy Game, Interactive Maps City logistics and a Mobility Barometer.
  • “Healthy Mobility” whose aim it is to facilitate holistic approaches through cross-domain research on active and healthy mobility.
  • “Planning Mobility Spaces” presents a complete tool chain supporting an interactive and participatory (transport) planning process.
  • “SocialCar” develops a user-oriented platform for planning and booking combining carpooling and other on-demand services with regular collective.
  • “Accessibility” contributes to ensure fair and equal mobility options for all individuals in our society in assisting dementia patients in navigation.


See all showcases which are already fixed in the showcases list.

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Last updated : 21/03/2018