Kapsch as a gold sponsor of TRA 2018

Kapsch is one of Austria’s leading technology companies with about 6,800 employees around the world. Kapsch was founded in 1892 and is today active in the following business fields: Traffic, Communications, Networks and IT.  We are pleased to present Kapsch as an official gold sponsor partner of TRA 2018!  We talked with Kapsch about the motto of TRA 2018 and what visitors can expect at the biggest Transport Research Conference in Europe.


What does “A Digital Era for Transport” mean to you?

Connected transportation will change the rules of competition. Dynamic road pricing might become the foundation of direct traffic.

What can visitors expect from Kapsch at Transport Research Arena 2018?

With more than a century of experience in technology, we use traffic technologies to achieve better overall mobility, whether on the highway or in the city, with one single goal: to improve the way of travelling and the way people live, work, move, commute and interact with each other. The future belongs to intelligent and holistic mobility solutions. We would like to show visitors how they can benefit from our ideas for Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles.

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Last updated : 20/10/2017