Social Media toolkit

This social media toolkit is designed to help you with your online communication around the 2018 Transport Research Arena (TRA) (TRA 2018) conference! TRA 2018 is on the following multiple key social media platforms:

These platforms aim to make the conference and its partners and participants visible, build up and connect the TRA community and discuss the topics of TRA 2018 as they evolve.

On LinkedIn there are two possibilities to become a member of the TRA Community: You can follow the LinkedIn TRA company profile for updates to the conference and the LinkedIn TRA Group for discussion about TRA topics with experts. Join the group today!


Hashtag #tra2018

This is the official conference hashtag for posting on all social media outlets to allow attendees and fans to follow, join and stay engaged in the conversation. Please ensure you this this one, as well as any additional hashtags you may have.


Communication topics before the conference

In the run up to the conference, the social media programme will concentrate on communicating the following different topics:

  • Programme
  • Deadlines
  • Registration
  • Green Event
  • Presentation of exhibitors
  • Presentation of startups
  • Presentation of speakers and participants
  • Presentation of sponsors


Communication topics during the conference

During the conference, all the ongoing activities will be reported on the above-mentioned TRA social media channels in the form of tweets, Facebook posts, live video clips and Insta-stories. Make sure to be connected with TRA 2018 and use the #tra2018 hashtag so that your contributions get visibility! Tweets with #tra2018 can be shown on the Twitter wall at the venue.


With the conference App you will also get the possibility to be updated on information and breaking news on your smartphone! For more information, contact Silvia Vertetics at


Last updated : 16/10/2017