Programme Overview


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There is now a PDF of Programme Booklet (updated 3 April 2018, 12 MB) available. Please consider the environment and do not print the entire Programme.

TRA 2018 will include a broad spectrum of research and innovation activities, which will range from basic research to application-oriented engineering, social, technical and economic aspects, as well as policies and standards. TRA2018 covers all modes of transport: Road, Rail, Waterborne, Aviation, Cross-modal, not mode-specific

The presentations will feature in various formats:


Plenary Sessions (P)

dedicated to key political topics addressed by invited high-level speakers; this category also includes the opening and closing sessions, during which one TRAVISIONS award ceremonies for students will be held.


Strategic Sessions (STR)

to address major innovation fields and convey policy messages and industrial key issues.


Scientific / Technical Sessions (ST)

on the conference topics where the reviewed papers will be presented by authors, either as oral or poster presentations. See the titles and descriptions in the conference registration tool.

TRA 2018 Topics:

  1. Environment and Energy Efficiency
  2. Vehicles & Vessels – Design, Development and Production
  3. Advanced Propulsion Systems
  4. Smart Urban Mobility & Logistics
  5. People Mobility – Systems and Services
  6. Freight Transport and Logistics
  7. Transport Infrastructure
  8. Connected and Automated Transport
  9. Digital Technologies for Transport
  10. Safe, Secure and Resilient Transport Systems
  11. Human Dimension in Transport
  12. Socio-Economics, Innovation and Policy


Invited Sessions (INV)

are special TRA2018 sessions in the form of a typical podium session or panel discussion. Invited session is intended to provide unique opportunities to scientists and other professionals to demonstrate, discuss and exchange on timely topics with TRA2018 participants that are not covered by other sessions or events. Inviting organisation is responsible for the content of its session as well as for the speakers selection and presentation management.


Marketplace (MP)

which will include Poster Exhibition and two events in the exhibition area at booth B02.


Technical Tours

Within the framework of Transport Research Arena #TRA2018 in Vienna there will be various exciting and informative Technical Tours coping with different topics. The tours will span a wide range of subjects from research in the mobility sector to smart urban mobility and further on to topics linked to aviation and tunnel construction.


See the Programme Overview Schedule in the conference tool



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