ASFiNAG – Digital Infrastructure of Motorways

It is essential for a modern road operator to know what is happening on the street network. For this purpose ASFINAG relies on digital infrastructure. Along with other elements such as communication devices and displays, this infrastructure includes a variety of sensors which serve to detect traffic and its surroundings in the best way possible. Against this backdrop traffic can be controlled and road operators can respond to events and changes.



ASFINAG runs one of the largest video systems in Europe, but all 8,000 video cameras cannot be viewed simultaneously. Therefore an initial selection of relevant images must be carried out in order to enable the activation of the alarm for relevant cameras on the display wall in the event of an incident.


Traffic data collection

For the acquisition of traffic data sensor technologies are used in combination (radar, ultrasound, infrared). This ensures that every vehicle is surveyed and its speed is recorded. This data is used to control the traffic guidance system for traffic information and for statistical purposes.


Area radar

A relatively new approach is traffic detection within a range of around 700 m by using radar sensors.With this method every vehicle is recorded multiple times per second for information about its speed, direction and size. Due to its stable function this sensor is suitable for the reliable detection of moving or stopped vehicles and lost cargo, for the support of automated vehicles or for opening service lanes even in darkness and bad weather conditions.

Last updated : 28/03/2018