FLY – Aircraft, Structures and Parts

Aircrafts need to be more and more efficient, green, safe and smart, while the focus is on more passenger-centred air transport. Thus, besides novel aircraft concepts, research concentrates on optimising construction elements, components, and systems for the airframe’s primary structures. Innovative lightweight structures and smart surfaces developed in Austria increase efficiency and sustainability. New concepts like “cabin of the future” make air transport more inclusive for all passengers.


bionic surface technologies transfers the drag reduction effect of shark skin to real industrial applications. See and feel a real sharkskin and an industrial optimised one to improve flow applications for current aeronautics applications. By the usage of shark skin the fuel consumption is reduced up to 4%.


Diamond Aircraft Industries, which is based in Austria, produces a full range of high quality certified all composite aircraft in an innovative environment. We present a technology demonstrator for infusion processes in a single shot with 360° negative tooling including window reinforcements, foam core and integrated omega-stringers (foam-filled as well as hollow).


FACC AG is one of the world’s leading companies for the design, development and production of advanced fibre reinforced composite components and systems for the aerospace industry. Our winglets and wingtips are hightech products which reduce turbulence or drag while enabling fuel savings of 3 – 5%.


Peak Technology combines groundbreaking innovations in fibre composite lightweight structures for the space & aerospace industry. We would like to introduce a series of components to bring the different production processes closer. This includes pressure vessels, laminate components and many more.


Last updated : 26/03/2018