ÖBB – Green Mobility

The rail sector can play a key role in reducing CO2  emissions from transport and be part of the climate solution.  In order to reach this target, a whole bundle of decarbonization measures are needed.  ÖBB, with its Environmental Portfolio, has been contributing with an array of measures to reduce their carbon footprint and helping to pave the way to a carbon-neutral economy.

The advancement of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies has been the focus of ÖBB for many years now. Almost 92% of traction energy in the ÖBB network originated from renewable energy sources, mainly hydropower, produced by ÖBB owned hydroelectric power plants. Other measures include operational efficiency gains through ECO Driving as well as H2-zero mobility R&D projects such as Hybrid locomotives.



Two eHybrid locomotives were retrofitted by upgrading conventional locomotives and are intended for shunting applications on not electrified lines. One has been equipped with a high-capacity power unit and the other one has been turned into a hybrid on which a range of batteries can be extended by fuel cells.


Bulk transport of hydrogen

Rail Cargo Group has carried out a feasibility study on bulk transport of hydrogen to find new market opportunities in the age of decarbonisation, finding out that H2 cannot only be transported by pipelines and trucks, but also on rail, even as non hazardeous goods.


Last updated : 09/04/2018