ÖBB – Smart Travelling

„Wegfinder”, currently focussed within the Austrian market is iMobility’s first mobile platform. It not only provides users with the best multi-/intermodal routes but also enables them to purchase tickets via a chatbot within the app. This allows them to effortlessly combine public transport, car/bike-sharing, taxi, uber, car, bike, travel busses, etc.

iMobility GmbH is a corporate startup and part of the ÖBB Holding group and offers intermodal applications for B2B customers as white labelled solutions. It is part of an up-and-coming range of solutions that are helping to create a sustainable environment, where efficient and affordable transport unlocks effortless mobility for everyone. To achieve this we are developing and marketing a new generation of mobility solutions, including Wegfinder, which combines available modes of transport and employs a chatbot to provide an innovative, easy and entertaining way to purchase tickets.

Last updated : 28/03/2018