Planning Mobility Spaces

Resulting from a series of research projects a tool-chain is being represented, which combines the different viewpoints of „planning experts“ and „citizens“. The advanced transport planning processes is being demonstrated “hands-on”, including mobile applications, routing and analysis services, eGovernment support and advanced mobility survey.

Within Bikealyze some most adcanced human sensor methods were tested in real-life (including various smartphone sensors and mobile eye-tracking). Advanced algorithms were used to analyse these data, as a major basis for the Bikealyze planning portal. This integrated with a citizen collaboration platform and information (routing) services for bicycle users – thus providing a 360degree service for planners and citizens alike.

The results of the MobilityOptimizer project provide in a similar way a planning tool for public transport. The web tool integrates information about local public transport quality, demand potential and user feedback. Planning relevant information can be analysed on different spatial scale – from municipal level down to the single bus stop. Both public transport planning and transport politics are thus supported.

SMART SURVEY is the complete, out-of-the-box solution for mobility surveys via smartphone app and web service –for cities, communities, traffic planners and mobility researchers. Distinguished features of the system are automatic detection of trip starts and trip ends and automatic inference of trip purposes, thus increasing accuracy and reducing impact on daily activities of respondents.

Last updated : 21/03/2018