PRODUCE – Manufacturing and Engineering

Public air transport is forecasted to double within the next 15 years, thus requiring a proportional doubling of the current productivity through industrialised, intelligent and automated production processes. Innovative ideas for additive manufacturing, tooling, sensor-based control and digitalisation are essential for improving production rates and cost efficiency. The Austrian aeronautics industry is particularly strong when it comes to engineering and tooling. Structure analyses, finite element simulations, and lightweight design are indispensable for state-of-the art aircrafts and structures.


AMTEQ is an Austrian SME specialising in CNC machining and 3D Metal Printing. AMTEQ’s sample parts demonstrate the potential of Additive Layer Manufacturing for bionic driven, complex shaped structural parts, manufactured without the need for massive tooling, and in quick response.


Evolution#4, an R&D project, approaches the 4th industrial revolution by bringing the production of aeronautical CFRP structures to fully automated RTM processes. Partners include ALPEX Technologies, Aerospace & Advanced Composites, BRIMATECH Services, FILL and Montanuniversität Leoben. You can experience this innovative production process by virtually walking through the plant.


INTALES is a company specializing in structural analysis with a wide range of expertise in structural developments for space, aviation, mechanical- and civil engineering. We demonstrate the results of our research projects in the field of structural analysis developed in cooperation with the Unit of Engineering Mathematics of the University Innsbruck.


PRIME aerostructures offers state-of- the-art engineering services for the aerospace industry, in the area of design, simulation and the development of methods for metallic and non-metallic composite aerospace structures. We use an augmented reality functionality to develop aerospace components in relation to the real and existing fuselage structure. This allows us to experience and visualize the actual component size, ergonomics and functionality as well as the simulated mechanical behaviour.


Last updated : 26/03/2018