TRAIN – Training and Flight Simulation

Training and flight simulation are crucial to the development of civil aviation. Recent regulations require pilots to be even more prepared for managing emergencies. Flight simulation is the only method for pilots to learn and improve their skills in a safe and controlled environment. Trainings focus on building general flight experience, improving flying ability and situational awareness, familiarisation with flight controls, cockpit designs and layouts, and dealing with human performance limitations. Austrian institutions are well known for the excellence of their training devices and flight simulators.


SCE SystemEngineering plans and builds highly specialised individual solutions for aviation and flight-simulation. Take a flight in the SCE-Cirrus- 05 and your flight-instructor will help you reach your limits; safe landing included. When combined with medical bio-feedback, it can lead to you being assessed as a military- or commercial pilot.


The Institute for Psychology at the University of Graz, research field Human Factors in Aviation, deals with human performance limitations (e.g. sensory illusions), the possibility to overcome them by training, and with humans in advanced automation (e.g. ATM) based on principles of Anticipatory Behaviour Control.


Last updated : 26/03/2018