Bmvit – Urban Mobility Labs

As enabling and facilitating spaces for real world mobility laboratories Urban Mobility Labs are promoting real-world experiments together with the citizens and foster system learning in various ways. Explore a new world of urban mobility innovation on the map below.


MobiLab OÖ

Project Title: What’s the story behind?

We invite you to explore how we use empathy methods to gain user insights in terms of mobility behavior.


aspern.mobil LAB

Project Title: Research you can touch

We present a pressure sensitive map of the Seestadt Aspern enabling participants to examine the topic “Last Mile Transport” interactively by touching, dragging and pointing.


thinkport VIENNA

Project Title: Technical & Virtual Tour – smart urban logistics lab

thinkport VIENNA presents ways of linking the virtual and real world on site. We further provide a technical tour to visit the thinkport VIENNA LAB at the Port of Vienna. From optimization to automation and virtual reality.


Graz grenzenlos

Project Title: Mobile mobility lab

The interactive and mobile lab unit, which is close to end users, supports innovations. It is quickly at the desired destination and visualizes new mobility solutions with the help of real time visualizations, the mobility barometer etc.


Urban Mobility Lab (UML) Salzburg

The UML Salzburg facilitates innovation projects in passenger transport and city logistics. It prioritises the themes of intermodal interfaces (within passenger transport and city logistics), integrated mobility management (location-specific) as well as ITS (intelligent transport systems) and alternative power trains.

Last updated : 09/04/2018