TRA Exhibition and Interactive Zone – what to expect

The Transport Research Arena 2018 (TRA2018) will feature additional highlights to the conference programme such as the Exhibition and the Interactive Zone. This gives companies various possibilities to present themselves and their solutions and research results. Take a look at this video to see what you can expect from one of these areas at TRA 2018:

The Exhibition

offers you the opportunity to present your company in your own corporate design, show participants each of your products and solutions and demonstrate various research results on your booth. It will be your home base and your point of contact. Space options offered are from 9m² upwards. As this exhibition will play host to the lunch area, lounge areas, the interactive Zone, industrial posters and several networking areas, it will be a very busy and lively place. Both of its entries will be directly connected to the Foyer A where Registration takes place and additionally is located close to the conference rooms.

The Interactive Zone

will be located both within the exhibition hall and next to the lunch area. It combines an area for demonstrations, a networking area including a stage and an area for Start Ups. It will give you the possibility to present your newest technology and participants the chance to explore your products on site. You will be part of an area clustered by topics together with other companies. The open layout and direct exit to the outdoor area give you the possibility to be more flexible in your presentations and demonstrations of your innovations.

If you are interested in being part of the Interactive Zone, find out more here.

If you would like to book a stand, click here.

Last updated : 05/05/2017