TRA 2018 features at the Mobility Breakfast 2017 in Alpbach

Industry and research at the Mobility Breakfast 2017

For the sixth time, the Mobility Breakfast took place for students during the Alpbach Technology Symposium from 26-28th August 2017. As every year, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and AustriaTech invited students to this event where they discussed with experts the need for skilled workers in the mobility environment over the next few years, which qualifications are most in demand, or how a start-up company is successfully built up. During all the rounds of discussions, the interchangeability between the research and industry systems cropped up.

The students had the chance to spent the morning in discussions with the following experts:


Five day-tickets won for TRA 2018

Michaela Topolnik from AustriaTech presented TRA2018 as the largest European transport research conference. The students who attended the breakfast were also able to participate in a TRA 2018 Quiz. Fives students who knew the right answers won a 1-Day-ticket to the TRA 2018 in Vienna, Austria on 16-19th April 2018. We look forward to seeing them at TRA 2018.

Further information about the Mobility Breakfast can be found on the Website of AustriaTech (in German).



Last updated : 20/09/2017