Winners of both TRA Visions 2018 competitions now selected!

Winners of the two TRA VISIONS 2018 competitions have now been selected, following a shortlisting event which took place at the European Commission’s DG Research in Brussels, Belgium on Friday 15th February. Three winners were chosen per mode (road, rail, waterborne and multi-modal) for the Young Researcher competition and one per mode for the Senior Researcher competition.

You will be able to find out who won the Young Researcher competition at the end of the Opening Ceremony on Monday 16th April(12-12:30pm) of the 2018 Transport Research Arena (TRA 2018) and the Senior Researcher competition at the beginning of the Gala Dinner on the evening of Tuesday 17th April 2018.

Wish to know more about TRA Visions? Then visit the TRA Visions booth (in Foyer A just before the Congress area). The 2018 Awarded Young Researchers will be there to present their project.

TRA VISIONS 2018 Project Officer Patrick Mercier-Handisyde with TRA VISIONS 2018 Project Coordinator George Smyrnakis at the Shortlisting Event.



Last updated : 15/03/2018